For Sellers

We help. They bid. You SELL.

RE Bid Sales provides Sellers with a streamlined and aggressive approach to selling your real estate.  By collaborating with your agent, we provide maximum exposure of your real estate by marketing through premier mediums and platforms, through our networks of agents, brokers, and buyers.  We work for you throughout the process in order to sell at a determined time- on YOUR terms- in an accelerated time frame to reduce your costs (taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities) so you realize the highest net value.  Our process, by its nature, has us working to increase your sales price by creating buyer competition for your property, resulting in the highest price the market will provide.

How we help…

Our marketing plans are tailored to your specific property and your needs.  We are able to give your real estate an outstanding presence in the marketplace with greater exposure to an ever-expanding pool of ready and able buyers.  When more buyers are involved in pursuing your property, the defined date of sale and competition among them creates urgency- allowing you to sell your property at its highest market value in an accelerated time frame.

Ready, willing and able Buyers…

Buyers will be verified and registered prior to bidding.  Contracts will have no contingencies (unless approved by you) and the property will be sold “as is” and closing will take place quickly.

Therefore, we encourage buyers to have their financing, if applicable, in place prior to bidding, and work with them in their due diligence to be ready and equipped to bid on your property.

I have chosen RE Bid Sales… what’s next?

Our team will immediately create a plan that is custom tailored for you and your property; from compilation of property information and documentation, to an aggressive, multi-faceted marketing and exposure campaign, to the logistics of property viewings, auction day, and through the closing.

Your real estate will be aggressively exposed on local, national, and worldwide levels through our numerous networks and partnerships. Decades of experience and licensing have given us access to top-producing real estate marketing outlets, premiere platforms, and an ever expanding network of buyers.  We strategically position your property for buyers and buyer’s agents on over 500 online platforms that receive more than 6 million visitors per month.  We also aggressively market your property to fellow agents and brokers who specialize in helping buyers purchase real estate like yours.

Our creative, aggressive marketing services are guaranteed to set your real estate apart from the rest while keeping one goal in mind… to sell for the highest price possible in an accelerated period of time.

Why use RE Bid Sales?

We make things easier for you. The Bid Sales team has had extensive success and experience in real estate and are experts in the buying and selling through our accelerated processes. We coordinate all property showings and work with title companies to ensure a quick closing process. Thanks to the Bid Sales process, there’s no need to negotiate; your price, terms & conditions, and any contingencies are set according to you and the market.  Lastly, we share the same goals you have: to sell your property for the highest possible price in the most accelerated period of time.