For Buyers

Capitalize on unique opportunities in buying real estate…

Due diligence? DONE.

RE Bidsales strives to give you a professional buying experience, from the beginning of your search to closing the transaction. We ensure that your due diligence process is simple and timely by providing you with all the necessary property information and documents at the front end of the buying process. We’re also more than willing to work with qualified and registered buyer’s agents to make the steps leading up to your purchase as smooth as possible.

Why buy through RE Bidsales?

Our team has decades of experience in the world of real estate and auctions, so we’re uniquely qualified to assist you from start to finish. From finding your property and understanding the terms of the contract to the due diligence process, submitting your bid, signing the contracts, and closing with the title company, RE Bidsales is here to help. We can assist you every step of the way thanks to our network of partners, who are all experts in their service fields. Our goal is to consult, assist, and provide you with all the information you need in order to make buying a home simple and efficient.

How is the price determined when I buy through RE Bidsales?

Great buying opportunities are brought to you at their true market value, as judged by the buyer. The seller may set an initial price, but you and other buyers will ultimately determine the sale price. By competing on fair and equal terms with other buyers, with great transparency, Bid Sales auctions eliminates the need for long negotiations. If you place the highest bid, the property is yours, and we can move on to the closing steps.

What kind of listings can I expect to see?

We provide buyers with purchase opportunities for all types of quality real estate- Residential, Commercial, Investment, Office, Land, Farm & Ranch, etc.   RE Bid Sales consistently attains listings to real estate opportunities that most likely have not been exposed on this level. Many of these listings don’t have widespread exposure or may not have even been marketed at all.  It is our goal to provide buyers with every quality buying opportunity we can.

How is the RE Bidsales buying process different?

We strive to provide qualified and willing buyers with exceptional information and due diligence from the very start. Every buyer must be approved, and will then receive a comprehensive information packet for selected listing(s). Since all deadlines are set in advance, you will know the purchase and closing dates for a given property immediately. RE Bidsales works with buyer’s agents to make sure that every step is taken care of.