For Agents and Brokers

Maximizing the benefits of buying and selling property in today’s marketplace.

Brokers and Agents are our important partners and are an integral part of the accelerated process.  RE Bid Sales provides a proven process for you to accomplish successful, accelerated results in your real estate transactions.

Listing Agents & Brokers

We are your resource to the accelerated sale of your client’s property.  In addition to your hard work, consultation, and promotion you provide for your clients and listings, you’ll now be able to leverage our licensing, experience, and additional advantages of our marketing platforms to create results in a greatly accelerated time frame.  In choosing us, you will also be creating more benefits for yourself and your business.

RE Bid Sales provides you with another “tool” to use in successfully serving your clients, helps to generate a new pool of qualified and ready buyers, and equips you with additional means of marketing your services and your listings.

Our goal is to individually tailor the process to achieve your clients’ goal of selling. Re Bid Sales strives to help sell your real estate at the highest possible value in the shortest period of time.

Contact us today for more information on the advantages that RE Bid Sales will give to you and your clients.

Buyer’s Agents: Compensation & Cooperation

We absolutely encourage cooperation from Buyer’s Agents.  While we do have a standard rate for commissions, amounts may vary by property. Please contact us for more specific compensation information for each listing.

RE Bidsales recognizes and appreciates the work and efforts of fellow real estate professionals. Therefore, we ensure professional and quality cooperation with you and your clients.

Buyer’s Agents: Co-Broker Registration & Guidelines

RE Bidsales will assist you and your client in submitting bids, submitting contracts, and coordinating closing. We require that all contact, if any, with a seller must go through the RE Bidsales office.

RE Bidsales must be notified in writing, using the provided Co-Broker Registration Form, of your representation with your client. All clients must be aware that you are registering as their representative. Compensation will be paid to a cooperating broker only after the specified agent or broker has fully participated throughout the transaction. Commissions will be paid at closing.